Violin Lessons in New York with Yibin Li

Every talent is different. Over the years, I’ve found that there is no Etude book that works for every violinist, even if it works for other violin students at the same level.

My highest goal is to learn all I can about each individual violin student - take time to understand them, study their approach - and only then can I recommend the ideal music to move their technique to the next level.

My other concern is physical - a focus on the violinist’s body. Playing violin regularly is physically taxing, so in my violin training I emphasize a healthy practice to nurture the violinist’s body, so it will feel natural to produce beautiful sound without physical stress. I often adjust and discuss the violinist’s body, posture and motion as I work, because I believe a happy body is crucial to creating a happy sound

The most exciting moment in violin education is to discover the “imagination” in the violinist’s playing. I encourage each violinist to discover their own narrative about the composition, because through interpretation, we can better interpret the composer’s voice. Without a vision for the music, we are only technicians; but with a clear idea, we become artists.

For me, teaching is learning. Every student is so unique, so every lesson helps me grow. I’ve helped students at every level get closer to their ideals, and if you are serious about violin, I know I can help you.

Yibin Li teaches violin lessons in New York City to serious violin students at every level.


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